Previously, in almost every yard could be heard the characteristic "knocking" of badminton shuttlecocks. This sport is popular and now, as the amateur game doesn't require special courts, and also the accessories for this game are very affordable. The sport complex "Cross" is pleased to announce, that now there are all the facilities for badminton trainings.

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Table Tennis Tournament

On the 7-th of february at the ''Cross'' sport complex was conducted on table tennis tournament. We congratulate all the winners and participants.
Boy's Group
The Winner of the tournament: Oleg Haydagin
Women's Group
The Winner of the tournament: Elen Sargsyan

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Competitions on table tennis / couples /

On December 5 2015 in “Cross” sport complex have passed table tennis competitions , among the visitors. Heartily congratulate all the participants

The winners of pair category.


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Evening Package (For Men)

Dear visitors of ''Cross'' Sport Complex,
We are glad to announce that henceforth a new "Evening Package" is started up in our complex, featuring the following advantages and conditions.

Attendance q-ty - UNLIMITED

Package validity - 30 days

Entrance hours 18:00 - 22:00

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The result of table tennis competition

In the Cross Sports Complex on March 30, 2019, a table tennis championship was held and there were more than 40 participants. The championship was held between members of the club. The goal of the championship was to integrate people into the sport.  At the end of the game, an award ceremony was held. We are thankful to all the participants of the championship and congratulate the winners.

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