Group Training

Individual and group exercises for table Tennis

Group exercises
12 lessons-12000 amd

Individual exercises
12 lessons-20000 amd

Duation for a lesson is 1-1.5 hour

Dance aerobics

This universal method promotes the formation of correct posture, stimulates the cardiovascular system, strengthening muscles and burning fat cells. And most importantly, you will receive positive emotions in a variety of dance movements during this exercise.

ABS Back Stretch

Strength training directed to the work of torso muscles and abdominal muscles combined with relaxation exercises. It’s directed to the stability of torso, strengthening abdominal muscles, correct formation of posture which can provide back pain relief.

Body Correction

During this exercise almost all the muscles of the body are involved. It promotes the development of muscle strength, and it’s also effective for burning fat.


This exercise is directed to the harmony of body and soul. Practice of the ancient Assan will help you improve flexibility, strengthen muscles of the body and correct posture. It can provide back pain relief and weight loss.


Rehabilitative treatment, is a team work, that is called to give the patient physical, functional, psychological, intellectual and social recovery.